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APA Country Commentary: India

Germany and India: New Roles on a New Global Stage

After Narendra Modi’s landslide victory at India’s mammoth election in May 2019, hopes are – once again – high that the subcontinental tiger will show some teeth and materialize on his potential. Can these hopes be fulfilled? And what role does India have to play in an increasingly challenging and unreliable geopolitical environment? How can and should the Indo-German relationship evolve in such politically and eco-nomically unpredictable times?

October 31st, 2019


16th Asia-Pacific Conference of German Business, 1-3 November 2018, Jakarta

  • Asia-Pacific Conference of German Business sets Agenda for Asian-German Economic Cooperation
  • Open markets create wealth
  • Cooperation in the field of innovation between Asian and European partners must be promoted

Press Release from 1 November 2018

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APA concerned: Impending shutdown of VPN tunnels in China impedes corporate activities there

  • Most German companies operating in China are affected by non-transparent regulations
  • Unhindered cross-border data traffic is crucial for internationally operating companies

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China must get serious about opening up its markets

  • Joint Venture constraint outdated
  • Exchange with Merkel and Li as part of the Chinese-German Economic Advisory Committee

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German industry wants to exploit chances in India. For this, the course needs to be set now.

  • Negotiate Free Trade Agreement again now
  • Market access in India remains difficult for German businesses
  • Criticism on the cancellation of the Indo-German bilateral investment treaty

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German Economy Calls for Next Stage of Market Opening in China

  • Equality of treatment must be guiding principle
  • Further reduction of existing investment barriers
  • Improvement of fair competition in third markets

Press Release, 9 October 2014


Visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping

German Economy Advocates Further Opening of Markets on the Occasion of the Visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping

  • APA asks for equal treatment of German and Chinese companies in both countries
  • German economy welcomes reform efforts of Chinese government and intends to contribute to China's sustainable economic development
  • Evening reception with President Xi Jinping and representatives of German industry in Düsseldorf on Saturday, 29 March 2014

Press release, 27 March 2014


Voith-CEO Lienhard assumes Chair position of the Asia-Pacific Committee of German Business

Hubert Lienhard, CEO of the German machinery company Voith, succeeded the longtime Siemens-CEO Peter Loescher on Monday, 3 February 2014, as Chair of the Asia-Pacific Committee of German Business.

Press release, 3 February 2014


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